Moto Update #1

Spoke to Gary at Sandy Bloy motorcycles and it looks like my bike will need some TLC.

V rod stock 2

1. Back tyre – as well as being flat I’m going to need a new back tyre as the tread is very low.
2. Battery – although I bought a new battery last year it is not holding a charge.
3. Air filter – probably a good idea to replace this as the big V-twin needs a bucket of clean air to keep the liquid cooled engine in top form.
4. Reg plate – Gary will have to make up a new plate as my current one is not completely legal.
5. Service – the bike will need a complete service overhaul, new brake pads, filters, oil and fluids.

Gary is hoping to get the bike ready for me within a week or so, but as the weather is still not good I’m not in any rush to get out – especially with all the salt and grit on the roads. It’s my own fault as I haven’t been able to use the bike for a long time – but my studies, and student finances, took precedence.

At least I know that my beloved motorbike is in good hands.

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